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The Present and The Future - The Next Big Things

These are some of the very trending technologies that we are working on. The fact is that, these technologies alone or solutions which is a combination of these will change the way we see the world. Its really going to be the next big thing, when thinking about the future of our economy.

Artificial Intelligence

Machines are starting to think and act like humans and sometimes do much more than humans can with Knowledge engineering in its core part and complex machine learning algorithms.

Internet Of Things

It can be termed as an ecosystem of inter-connected physical objects/devices (things) that can be accessible through the internet. 'Things' can range from a small device to some bigger machines .

Augmented Reality

An interesting technology that enhances the real world with digital information and media such as interactive 3D models and videos when view via mobile camera.

Virtual Reality

Get ready for a sensational immersive experience , where you are placed virtually in a real world environment with the help of a number of VR headsets available in the market.

The services we offer...

Continuously evolving innovative solutions on the core of the business is un-doubtedly the key for any business organization. Keeping that in mind, we just simply focus on providing companies with all kinds of IT Solutions that will help them take their business to the next level...

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Mobile App Development

Android, iOS, Windows listed in its popularity and shares, is growing enormously among the Mobile Phone users. An app for your company, service, product or idea that works in all the phones...

Android Application Development
iOS Application Development
Ionic Hybrid Application Development
React native Application Development
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Modern Web Development

The birth of a website starts with its design or layout and ends with static or dynamic programming or development. In this process, we make sure that you won't even feel the time gap between your idea...

Angular 2 Web site and Application Development
React JS Application Development
PHP Laravel Website and Application Development
Nodejs Application Development
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IT Services & Consulting

Every individual or team is specialized in something. And we are very good in providing IT Services. If you have any enquiry regarding IT, just shoot out your questions. We are happy to listen to you..

Mobile and Website Push Notification Service Kochi
SMS Integration in website and mobile apps
Corporate Email Purchase from Google Apps
Website Revamping or Redesigning Service
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Corporate Brand Building

An effective corporate branding defines the value and personality of a business. It allows the businesses to create a unique identity.A strong brand image among your competitors is very important...

Facebook Presence Management
Twitter Presence Management
Google Plus Presence Management
Search Engine Optimizatin - SEO

About us

What we are all about!

Creative Innovation is the key to an unpredictable growth of any business. We, a group of technology enthusiasts at Accelray, is basically a startup with a strategical vision of transforming all the existing traditional solutions used in every business to a completely digital and innovative ecosytem. And we strongly strive to provide our clients with innovative products and services which is very crucial for any business organization to succeed.

Our Vision

Our strategical vision for the future is to transform all the existing traditional solutions used in every business to a completely digital and innovative ecosytem. We see the future of developments in our society through the solution providers in every industries we witness.And we like to be a part of this mission, by providing our clients with quality solutions and support and hence guide our clients to success.

What we are focusing on!

Technology is at its peak of advancement. Tremendous number of inventions are happening all around the world based on all the latest technologies, and of course there are no end to the type of devices or machines, it just varies depending upon the imagination of the creators. But many organizations don't know yet, as of, what is the latest technology and the new inventions that is suitable for their business to make it grow bigger.

We focus on filling this gap of the new technology, its new inventions and the client's needs. We focus on understanding the problem with our client's current business model and providing them with a better solution that can take their business to the next level...and we are accelerating these processes by research more on these topics....